Marcella (Marci) Cook

Community Fund a FreeWheel for Marci Cook

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Marcella (Marci) Cook is a non-traditional college student studying accounting. Marci has Syringomyelia (syrinx) from T2-T10 and also an incomplete Spinal Cord Injury at L4.

Marci is very active at Stephen F. Austin State University and is in the following clubs: President of Magic the Gathering Club, Vice President of the Economics Reading Group, General officer in the LARP club, which is associated with Amtgard, Student Government Association where I'm a Senator representing students living Off-Campus (Off-Campus Senator), Chair Person of the Student Affairs committee, and also active at the Wesley Foundation.

"I would very much appreciate a FreeWheel because I am very active and right now to get around on the intramural fields, and at the park for LARP, I two wheel it, which is hard and tiring but I have great balance!  I would LOVE to be able to do things without worrying if I can balance my way through there, and also not worry about messing up the front casters of my chair." – Marci

We at The Steadfast Foundation want to help provide Marci with a FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment BUT we need your help! As a community let us all come together to spread the word and to raise the funds needed for Allie’s FreeWheel.

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